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Ivano Frankivsk National Medical University

Ivano Frankivsk National Medical University is chosen by thousands of students for studying MBBS in the country. The University is one of the best Universities of Ukraine with highest number of foreign students. Established in the year 1945, it one of the oldest University in the country of Eastern Europe. It is experienced in the field of teaching MBBS from last 60-70 years. The University has got high qualified teachers and professors in each department of study. Students are quite satisfied with the programme and the support they get from the teachers.
MCI passing result is also quite satisfactory in the last years as compared to other countries. The University has got almost 14-15 buildings in the compound and all the departments are nearer to each other. One of the major benefits of studying in the university is that students can apply for certification programmes in countries like US, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Newzealand, India and other parts.
The University offers many specialist courses in different subjects. Few of those are General Medicine, Dentistry, Pediatrics, Pharmacy, Nursing and Prosthodontics. Fees structure of the University is quite affordable for Indian Students. Cost of the fees is very less as compared to other universities of the country.
Ivano is a very beautiful city in the country of Ukraine and a good destination for studying MBBS in Ukraine.

Why Study In Ivano Frankivsk National Medical University

  • MCI approved University with highest passing ratio.
  • Direct admission without entrance.
  • It offers one of the best Medical Programme in Ukraine in less fees
  • So far, it has already trained more than fourteen thousand students from all over the world. All of them are successfully working in different countries.
  • The University consists of second biggest hospital in Ukraine as compared to other universities.
  • The University rewards its students at regular intervals with special encouragement programme and motivates them.
  • The University is also partnered with other universities like Tbilisi State Medical University, Tbilisi State University, University of Lethbridge and Lincoln University.
  • The University is quite strict with the students, not attending the classes.
  • The University has its own Code of Conduct which the students must follow.
  • Students who have completed their degree from the university can join PG course also from the same University.
  • Language of Study is English which is introduced specially for the foreign students.

Beauty of Ivano City

  • The city of Ivano is very beautiful with gardens and parks all around. It is also famous for historical monuments and architectural buildings.
  • Ivano is a city of trade and handiwork that attracts many other regions of the neighboring states.
  • Ivano is a very charming city which attracts most of the tourists with its architectural designs.
  • The city has the famous fountain known as Egg Fountain, which stands near to the town hall.
  • Ivano city has a number of public transports like bus, taxi and trolley buses, which becomes convenient for the people.
  • The transportation system of the city is very good. It has its own one railway station and one Airport as Ivano Frankivsk International Airport.
  • The climate of Ivano is moderate continental with warm summers, and fairly cold winters. The average rainfall in a year is maximum 672mm.The lowest temperature exceeds to -3.9 degree centigrade during the winters. In summers the temperature exceeds not more than 18 degree centigrade.
  • Almost 90% population of Ivano can speak in English even all places in Ivano are written in English, menu cards are also printed in English.
  • The city has many churches one of which is Church of Virgin Mary. The other is the Baroque Church.
  • Ivano city has a number of hotels among which are one four star hotel and 3 three star hotels.
  • Ivano City is also famous for having rural-urban fringe panel building in region.

Benefits of Studying MBBS in Ukraine

Benefits of studying in the country most of the students get is that if their University is recognized by FMCGE and MCI, they can go for PG courses in abroad. Only students need to clear USMLE Step 1 and USMLE Step 2 exam. Interested students who want to become Doctors of USA can easily do now. Students need to seriously study for extra hours every day, if they want to crack the exam. Both the exams are online test Step 1 and Step 2. Only after clearing both the exams the students are eligible for studying in USA (United States of America). The PG degree of the candidate from USA will be valid in India and they don’t have to pass any MCI exam in India.

Coaching classes are available for clearing the test. If the student wants he can take coaching classes in India and abroad too.

Indian Studying at Ivano Frankivsk National Medical University

Mbbs Asist, study abroad consultant in Delhi send students from different parts of India every year like U.P, Haryana, Kerala, Rajasthan, Delhi, and Gujarat. There is special arrangement for the students at the University and special care is taken by Mbbs Asist after reaching there. The Students are provided with Indian food at the hostel. They can either stay in University hostel or private hostels too. The cost of living is quite less in Ukraine. So the students in large number from India migrate to Ukraine every year. Students are very happy and satisfied in the country. The people are also quite friendly and welcoming.


Out of the total seat Ivano has allotted only 400 seats for Indians. Last year in 2108 in the month of July, they have stopped issuing the invitation letter. The reason behind this was that students from Poland and Arabian countries received their 12th result much earlier as compared to India. Because of this delay, they got an option reserved their seat in advance to the University. There were many students from India who were very much interested for admission but could not get the seat. It is advisable to all the students that if they wish to become future Doctors then don’t just wait for seat in India. It is very hard to get seat here with the increase number of competition among the students. NEET score is also mandatory for getting admission in good colleges in India. So if they have a hope to move abroad then immediately book the seat before time in a good university. If they get chance in India then its good enough, you can cancel your admission. Otherwise your seat is already booked, you have no worries.

MCI Coaching

All Indian students studying abroad are required to pass MCI screening test. Extra coaching classes are provided to students for cracking the exam. Mbbs Asist arrange special professors from India for providing coaching to Indian Students. So now it completely depends upon the student to clear the exam. Only some extra effort is required to put on the exam and the result will be extraordinary.

Admission Process of Ivano Frankivsk National Medical University

The admission process of Ivano Frankivsk National Medical University is an easy one. Students who wish to study in the University are required to furnish their educational documents for the application process along with documents such as Passport, 10th and 12th Marksheet, NEET Score card and 2 photographs.


The following eligibility criteria should be met by Indian students in order to get admission at Ivano Frankivsk National Medical University

  • Passed 10+2 or equivalent from any recognized education board in science stream with Physics, Chemistry and Biology as the main subjects and English as a compulsory subject.
  • Applicants seeking admission in MBBS at Ivano Frankivsk National Medical University has to score a minimum of 60% aggregate marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology combined at the 10+2 level.
  • The applicant has to take the entrance test conducted by the University and must obtain the minimum cut-off marks to be eligible to enroll.
  • The applicant must have his/ her educational certificates translated into Ukrainian language and have them duly attested at the Ukraine Embassy.
  • The applicant must be of at least 17 years of age at the time of applying for the MBBS program.
  • The applicant must hold a valid passport.

In addition, the university demands that the applicant be of sound physical and mental health, testimonials of which have to be furnished at the time of admission. The candidate must be able to provide medical certificates stating the same. The applicant is also required to undergo HIV test as a mandatory clause for admission.

Fees Structure of Ivano Frankivsk National Medical University

Year 1st Year (USD) 2nd Year (USD) 3rd Year (USD) 4th Year (USD) 5th Year (USD) 6th Year (USD)
Tuition Fee $4,200 $4,200 $4,200 $4,200 $4,200 $4,200
Mess Fee $280 $280 $280 $280 $280 $280
Total $4,480 $4,480 $4,480 $4,480 $4,480 $4,480

Hostel :

Ivano Frankivsk National Medical University offers separate hostels for boys and girls. The hostels are located inside the campus near the main academic buildings. The University has a total number of 6 hostels; all of them are well equipped with all essential facilities for the students such as bed, AC, Wi-Fi access, study tables and wardrobes etc. There also is a central heating system in all the hostels to ensure maximum comfort to the students. The hostel has some other facilities also for the students apart from good accommodation such as Internet facility, reading rooms for them, canteen facility, cafe and gym at Ivano Frankivsk National Medical University hostel.

The university hostel is not only reserved for India, but there are students from all over the country. Students come from countries like Poland, Arab and Germany. So the university has provided separate hostel for them as well.

The main building is situated just opposite to the university building,the university hostel has all kind of Indoor & outdoor game facility. Our Director has on regular intervals visited Ivano Frankivsk National Medical University many times just to check whether our students are doing well or not. We at MBBS ASIST believe that only sending students for Mbbs abroad should not be the final task, special attention and satisfaction is also required for the total number of 6 years so that they don’t face any kind of issues or problem.

Any consultant can send their child to any country or any university of their choice but the main task starts when your child reaches there. The main USP or the most unique point of MBBS ASIST is just not to send the students for Mbbs abroad but we also send our own people to that particular country for the whole year to take care of all the students.

The Students should not feel at any point of time that they are alone.

Krok Exam

Krok is a compulsory licensed exam for all the students who are studying at the foreign University. This exam is a part of certification degree for awarding the qualification of doctor or pharmacist. Every Student who are studying for the medical programme like "Medicine", "Dentistry" and "Pharmacy" are required to clear two different set of test exams that is "Krok 1 exam" and "Krok 2 exam". This exam is conducted during the 3rd year of medical study and if the students don’t pass this exam then they are not allowed to continue for the year. The “Krok 1" exam constitutes of simple biomedical sciences, and the other “Krok 2" exam constitute of simple professionally oriented disciplines. This exam is conducted by the nation specially to determine the knowledge acquired by the candidate and skills accomplished by the students during their period of study.

Detailed Information for students to pass the Krok exam

This exam is specially carried out in the form of a written test. The total duration of the test is 200 tasks. The pattern of the test consists of a layout which includes of situational problems, questions or statements with four or five solutions marked in alphabetical letters. The correct answer is the best answer of the question. Exam question papers and answer sheets are both provided in the examination hall at the time of assessments.

Test booklet is distributed with a special number to all the students. Candidates just have to write his unique identification code, his name and other details on the front page of the booklet.

Each page of the booklet is serially numbered from 1 till 200. The exam paper consists of four to five answers for each single question. Students have to pick the right answer from the list of answers.

Answer sheet provided to the students consists of two parts, in the left part is the information given about the exam and the candidates personal detail mainly his (name, surname, ID, date of examination, course and other additional information required). Right part is the answer sheet to the given questions.

Before writing the answer sheet, students are asked to read and watch every question very carefully. Before answering each question, students must be sure for the answer. Then only they must write after confirming. Try to answer the question after reading carefully without looking at the given options and then search for the correct answer in the option.

If it becomes too difficult to answer any question then simply they can tick away the wring answer and then choose the right one, which would be much easier.

Only the right answer should be written in the blank by drawing a full circle with the appropriate letter just next to the number that coincides to the number of test task.

Students need to check very carefully that the answer which they have marked and painted in the blank coincide the number of test task which you have answered.

If you have given any wrong answer then make it unnoticeable with a dark mark to the answer so that it becomes impossible for the examiner to read the letter that is painted. Only the right answer which you have given for the question gives you 1 point, and the wrong answer will give you 0 points. Don’t mark more than one letter, that answer will be marked as incorrect. If you have changed any letter, then erase that letter with a rubber so that it disappears completely. If any further marks are visible then it will mark that answer to be incorrect.

Students are requested not to waste too much of their time on a single question. You will get only 1 minute to answer each question. While writing only always check the time and count how much you have completed till now and how much is left.

After you finish writing the exam, always check whether you have filled the entire blank completely or not. Answer sheets will be all checked by computer scanning machine in the Testing Center of Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine.

After you have completed writing everything, just wait for few minutes you will be informed by the administrators of exam, and all the students have to just stop writing, just close the exam booklet and then wait till the controller collects all the test materials from your hand.

In case if you have completed your exam before time, then just inform the proprietor of exam, hand him all your test materials, your answer sheets and then you can leave the exam room without disturbing any other students in the hall.

After you have finished your exam, then each exam booklet is thoroughly checked. If anything is left as a part of your exam then it will automatically lead you to fail the exam.