Orenburg State Medical University
February 2, 2021

Tver State Medical University

Tver state medical university was established in 1936. University is more than 70 years old and it is a government university. It is a most famous university in Russia. This university takes 23rd place in the world and 3rd position in Russia in medical studies .It is situated in northwestern part of Russia, between two capital cities Moscow and St.petersburg in Russia passed through Tver. The distance between Tver from Moscow airport is 120km, then Moscow to university by bus or car is 3 hrs journey, it is very easy to reach university. The average temperature in summer is +15 degree centigrade to +20 degree centigrade and in winter the temperature goes down below -5 degree centigrade to -15 degree centigrade.
In TSMU best medical education is provided to the students. More than 1000 Indians, in which approx. 400 girls are studying in the university. 100% attendance is necessary for the students; they have to attend regular class and cannot take leaves. Indians students are coming here for more than 2 decades. The University has more than 570 teaching staff, which includes 120 professors and 150 are lecturers. In the university almost 80% teaching staff has the highest medical degree that is Doctorate of Medicine and PhD .It is the first university in Russia who has started taking classes in English. There are 49 departments available in various teaching hospitals. 5000 foreign students are graduated from the university in a year. TSMU covers all the 7 big hospitals. The university owns dental clinic of more than 200 chairs, the clinic is considered being one of the best and advanced in the country. The university member’s tries their best to help the students so that they complete their medical studies without any problem, the behavior of the members are very good towards their students. The students who demonstrate strong and effective research potential are annually awarded with national and regional scholarships and certificate. Tver is a city between Moscow and St.Peterburg’s so in holidays the students can enjoy in Moscow which is very near from Tver.

Why choose Tver State Medical University

  • It is one of the best medical universities of Russia recognized by MCI, WHO.
  • It is one of the oldest leading educational institutions in Russia.
  • In TSMU clinical activity has been given more importance.
  • In library of the university approx .2000 books in English medium are written by Indian and foreign writers every year is available for the students.
  • In university last two year special coaching is provided with the course to get them prepared for the screening test.
  • Separate housing arrangement for boys and girls, with free internet facilities.
  • At present there are maximum number of Indian students are studying in the university.
  • In university apart from studies, attention also paid to social and extracurricular activities, students can participate in cultural activities and get certificate or award.
  • The university has been awarded four silver and two bronze medals. A gold medal was awarded for a combined research carried out by university
  • Best medical education at lowest price for Indian student.
  • Studying in TSMU is very interesting; students can complete their study by enjoying and not in frustration.
  • The Highest pass out ratio of the students is from this university.
  • Seniors are very supporting for the new students. They welcome the new students in the university in a very friendly way.
  • Practical training is given on the dead body; dead body is available in Russia University.
  • All types of Indian festivals are celebrated in the university like Diwali, and Navratri so students can enjoy their festival in abroad as well.
  • Medical care is also available for the students in the university in case of any emergency.

Beauty of the city

Tver is a beautiful city of Russia and 800 years old. Tver is known for its beautiful lakes and rivers like Lake Seliger and river Volga. The beauty of the city is wonderful. The beautiful sight in Tver to look up are Putevoy palace, Museums, the Stepan Razin Embankment, in city center the beautiful building Tver Gymnasium. In Tver there are many collections of Russians paintings. In city the visitors like to go to the Museum of Local lore. Its collections tell us stories about the history of the region.

Hostel Facility of Tver State Medical University

The University hostel is very near to the university campus which is the home of approx.1800 students. Distance from hostel to the university is 5 mints walking, other hostel is around 3-4 km that’s 15 mints by cab .In hostel there is separate arrangement for boys and girls. Each hostel has free internet facilities provided by the university and the best part is hostels are well guarded with police security. In hostel, room is available in twin or triple sharing according to student’s requirement; if they don’t want to share they can take single room. All facilities are provided in the hostel room, like it is fully furnished and heated due to cold temperature. Hostel should be cleaned once every day. There are four hostels in which two of them are flat type in which there is attached bathroom, toilet and kitchen. Room cleaning and linen changing services are provided in the hostel when students want. Security is provided 24 hours for the student. Students are not allowed to go outside after 8p.m; it is the responsibility of the security.


Students of this University can enjoy the food as their home food. Tasty and spicy food is provided by the cook. The lunch and dinner is available for the students. The students can enjoy both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food that is arranged in hostel. All types of popular vegetables are available in the canteen of the University. Indian mess is available .The standard quality of food is available.

Fees structure of Tver State Medical University

1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year 5th Year 6th Year Grand Total
$7,000 $7,000 $7,000 $7,000 $7,000 $7,000
$1,200 $1,200 $1,200 $1,200 $1,200 $1,200

The above fee includes tuition fee, hostel fee and Insurance.

The mess expense is 1200 USD

The living cost is affordable or living cost depends on students.